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We know that talking on the phone while driving or texting while driving is distracting. But how distracting is it?

In a short test they conducted they found that texting and talking on the phone while driving was actually more dangerous when it came to stopping distances than drunk driving. Other studies have come to the same conclusion. This is a staggering fact given that most of the laws in Michigan focus on drunk driving.

The new texting while driving law serves as a slap on the wrist compared to much stricter drunk driving laws. If texting while driving is more dangerous than drunk driving, shouldn’t there be tougher penalties? It seems that the law is yet to catch up to this new technology.

According to USA Today, motorcycle accidents are responsible for the deaths of 12 people every day in the United States. The leading cause of death in these accidents is not surprisingly head injuries. Although nearly every other type of traffic fatality has gone down, motorcycle fatalities have been on the rise for the last 11 years (with the exception of last year which experts attribute to the economy).

Although almost all states have helmet laws, only 20 states require them for all riders (Michigan included). Many states only require helmets for riders under 18. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is urging these states to enact more stringent helmet laws, requiring all riders to wear them.

Many enthusiasts disagree with NTSB and think that awareness and rider education are the solution rather than mandatory helmet laws. Whatever your view, it is clear that unfortunately many fatal motorcycle accidents occur each year and in a disproportionate amount. Although motorcycles only account for 3% of all traffic accidents, they represent 13% of all traffic accident fatalities.